6 Recommendations to effectively use a Push Notification service

Today's technologies make the consumer-marketer relationship more automatic and more accessible. But does this mean that it's also easier? Not at all! Competition becomes more and more complicated and therefore marketers need support from appropriate technologies that can make their job easier. They can rely, for example, on a Push Notification service.

Mobile Push Notification Service

One of the best ways to increase users engagement in a product/service is to deliver messages to customers via a Mobile Push Notification service. There is no doubt these services can be very effective in terms of engagement and retention increase, as consumers use their smartphones always more frequently in their daily life. The indisputable advantage of mobile Push Notification services relies on the ability to easily grab the attention of an individual just by appearing on his/her mobile device. People are usually impatient to check their mobile phones, no matter how busy they are. It doesn't matter whether they are students who are having a lecture or shareholders who are having a business meeting. Therefore, due to their 'mobile nature', Push Notifications are less likely to be ignored, like it often happens instead with e-mails or flyers given at the entrance of a shopping center.

Best Push Notification Service

But using Push Notification services is not enough. You should be very careful not to turn your push messages into an uninformative disruption which will cause only annoyance to your users and will be considered as spam.  The following six recommendations will help you make your Push Notifications desirable and effective to engage customers in your  mobile application:

  1. Give good Content and Context: a notification should be informative and appropriate. It should refer to an area of interest of your customers and be in line with his/her attitudes. For example, a notification about the traffic situation when a customer has a flight to take will be considered very useful, while a push message about how to perfectly cook a great meat dish will irritate a vegetarian.
  2. Personalize: push-messages created accordingly to users' past behaviour within the app or taking into account location and demographic information will make your customer feel special and willing to use your application again. Also, a transactions history can help you create a unique offer and therefore increase users' loyalty.
  3. Don't overdo!: don't push too much! For example, if you obsessively try to sell the same offer to the same customers over an over again via multiple Push Notifications, your messages will be considered as spam and most likely your mobile app will be deleted.
  4.  Segment: behaviour based segmentation increases your push-messages effectiveness up to 3.5 times. Listen to what the push-interaction history of your customers tells you. If you noticed that some of your customers are looking for the new season collections and some are constantly checking for discounts or maybe are interested in exclusive offers, then you know what to do: send Push Notifications related to their interests!
  5. Choose the Right Time: we all have different lifestyles and habits! Some customers are more interactive in the morning while having a cup of coffee, some at night, some others in the evening or while waiting for their children at school. Choosing the right time to send a push message to a specific customer helps you make push-messages up to 4 times more effective.
  6. Highlight your Unique Selling Point: remind your customers about your advantages, what makes you different, and better, than your competitors. While creating a push-message, add a few words to highlight what is special in your business. Whatever the service you provide, door-to-door delivery, great design projects and so on, remind your customers about it from time to time, so they can immediately remember that when they hear the name of your brand.
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