Do you waste information?

watch imageToday I downloaded two mobile apps that required me to sign up. One had a very long list of info needed to complete the sign up, the other was relatively short. I completed the steps on both of them just to see if they are going to use the data I provided. Although many companies now understand that taking only the information they need is crucial for mobile conversion, some still deploy very long sign up forms.
No, I am not going to talk about how you should prepare your sign up forms. Instead, I am going to draw your attention to what information you should use to target your customers.
On my birthday, I received only two emails and no push notifications. I was really surprised, because to keep up with new marketing trends I tend to sign in to any emailing list and I always say “yes” to push notifications. I always log in or sign up and wait for the engagement.
Many ecommerce sites should have discovered by now that I am expecting a baby, my searches have changed from tech products and high heel shoes to push chairs and baby clothes! However many are still sending me the regular emails and broadcast push notifications (except one company that discovered that I am looking for new born stuff, and that company got 7 different orders from me!)
Although media apps do not ask for login, they can still understand users’ interests from their behaviours. This information can be used to increase engagement and drive more traffic.
All the data you need can be collected with Netmera and can be used to build segments and targets. You can use the demographic information that you collect during the signup proces, or you can simply analyze customer behaviours, see their search words, pay attention to which categories they looked for, from which categories they made purchases etc. You can also combine web and mobile info together if you are willing to dig further. But if you are doing so, you should be aware that this means you are only dealing with customers who logged in, and missing the anonymous customers. Don’t forget, the power of mobile apps comes from the ability to reach those anonymous customers!!!

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