The Coding Circle

After noticing a lack of computer programming classes across the UAE, the four co-founders of The Coding Circle, our latest Entrepreneurs of the Week, have decided to introduce children to the world of programming.
Set up in 2014, The Coding Circle is an education tech start-up that offers a learning road map for developing expertise in web, games and mobile application development programming to children aged seven and above.
The co-founders – Ali Asghar, Feroz Sanaulla, Farris Massoudi and Sajjad Kamal – explain that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills encourage creativity and lead to innovative ideas since the focus of the learning is on doing rather than reading about it.

Furthermore, computer-programming literacy improves college or job readiness, and makes four in five STEM students make their career choice in high school or even earlier.
A number of recent reports have further revealed that tech jobs top the lists of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs available today.
However, about 77 percent of parents say they do not know how to help their child pursue a career in computer science, according to recent US-focused research by consulting firm McKinsey & Co.
The four co-founders currently offer classes in Dubai and Amman, and plan to expand their initiative in Bahrain soon.
Since the launch, nearly 200 students have taken at least one of their courses.
They have also initiated a meet-up group to build a community of learners and storytellers passionate about education and technology, with the first event 'Cyber security – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' held last month.
The team has earned the support of industry leaders, such as Facebook, Google, Cisco, and Uber.
Some of their future plans include offering courses to adults and to children aged four to six.
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