What are Push Notifications? Some insights

There is a great talk around Push Notifications and their relevance to increase mobile app users' engagement and retention. But what are Push Notifications?

What is a Push Notification?

Push Notifications are informative messages delivered to mobile app users even if they are not actively browsing the app. Push messages can display text, a logo, an image and sometimes even a sound alert. The aim of such messages is to catch users' attention and give them relevant updates about new products, offers and important activities going on through a particular app. The key to effective Push Notifications is providing useful content to specific users' segments which might be interested in receiving it.  

How do Push Notifications work?

Push Notification services require app users to opt-in, in order for Push Messages to be received on their mobile devices. For iOS devices, this means that mobile app users have to specifically enable the delivery of Push Notifications to their smartphones from a particular application while installing it, so at the very beginning of the process. Mobile app publishers and marketers should focus their efforts on making sure their users are going to allow the delivery of Push Notifications on their devices: as mentioned, push messages can really perform as the key factor to the success of a mobile app. Providing a good introductive explanation about what Push Notifications are and/or a good example of an informative and useful Push Message during the install of the app are great ways to increase the chances for users to opt-in and therefore to keep them engaged in your product.

Every Operating System (iOS, Android, Windows..) refers to a specific Push Messaging service. So for example, a mobile app for iOS devices will use a Push Messaging service specific for Apple devices and will communicate with this service via a specific API (Application Programming Interface). When a mobile user enables the Push Notification service for a specific mobile application he downloaded, then the process can be described, in a very easy way, as follows:

  1. The mobile app publishers/marketers build Push Notification campaigns targeted to their users (they can do it on their own or by using external dedicated platforms which provide simple interfaces to design, send and analyze Push Notifications campaigns)
  2. The Push Notification will then be sent or scheduled to be send to the server;
  3. From the server, the Push Notification will finally reach every device in which that particular mobile application has been installed and in which the Push Message service has been enabled.

Best Push Notification messages

Data show that mobile usage increased considerably of the last few years and this trend seems to be confirmed for the future. This highlights the importance of being there and draw the attention of users at relevant mobile moments: Push Notification messages allow you to be there! But mobile app publishers/marketers have to be very careful and commit themselves to deeply analyze their users behaviour in order to create relevant users' segments to target with tailored content sent at the right time, this way avoiding the risk of drop-out. Personalization and relevance of your Push Notifications for your target audience are the key to increase your mobile app users' engagement and retention, as effectively highlighted in this blog post by Kumulos. A few useful Push Notifications services, developed around the initial core, can provide now mobile app publishers/marketers with a set of very advanced design, segmentation, targeting and statistical analysis capabilities, and help them make the best of their Push Notification campaigns. In most of the cases, these services just require the integration of an SDK (Software Development Kit) into a specific mobile device. Netmera is one of these platforms.

Why use push notifications

Since Push Messages don't require the customers to be into the app in order to be received, they're a quite powerful tool for all app publishers who want to deliver meaningful content to their customers and re-engage them in their service/products. Data collected during 2015 from several sources show that Push Notifications are really able to push a business revenue up, especially in mobile commerce sector. Netmera team prepared an infographic which clearly show this trend over the past year and early months of 2016.

Have a look at our infographic here.

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