Bios Incube resurrects deceased loved ones as an app-monitored tree


What better way to honor the passing of someone you care about than to immortalize them in nature. While some are content to just have their ashes strewn across a valley or into the ocean, the modern marvels of technology have found a way to combine a dead relative's ashes with a plant – to allow them to grow and live on forever, or until global warming dooms us all.

Bios is one such company that will handle all the necessary ashes-to-dirt details for you. And with the help of Kickstarter, they've one-upped themselves and have created the Bios Incube. Now you can monitor, water, and keep an eye on Uncle Bob-tree from the convenience of your smartphone. It's like turning your loved one into a Tamagotchi.

The Bios Incube, the next step in the Bios line of "Life After Life," puts the growing experience right into your hands. The Incube is basically a streamlined, all white, fancy planter. You place your Urn in it, as opposed to somewhere randomly in your yard for the dog to dig up, and then the sensor goes on top of the Urn. And that's where the techno-magic begins.

The sensor itself is a microprocessor, which also monitors the electro-conductivity of what's happening in the soil and to your sapling. With the sensor, and an app on your phone, you can now keep track of the moisture levels in the soil and the air, the temperature, humidity, even the sunlight exposure. It can get dark and lonely, and you wouldn't want your dearly departed to go through the afterlife neglected, now would you?

The original Bios Urn

Head not included.

Based on the data, it will determine if your seed needs to be watered and will pull from the reserves in the tank and adjust the amount of moisture levels in the soil specifically around the tree as needed.  Or, if it's too warm or cold outside, the sensor will alert you so you can make all the necessary adjustments of lugging your Urn to a more convenient spot.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and now you wont have to. Bios has given us a way to honor, cherish and to make sure you never stop taking care of your loved one after they have passed.

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