Netmera Mobile Marketing Resources | March/April 2016

While heading towards summer, get ready for a fresh content wave!

In the last two months Netmera team delved into mobile marketing data and big questions in order to find clear answers and understand future trends. 

Here is a taste of our research, in case you missed it!

Mobile Marketing ebook: your complete 'how to' guide

What does it take to master Mobile Marketing? What are the secrets of it and the best practices to become an effective mobile marketer? 

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Understand your Users: it's time for Mobile Personalization

With the mobile revolution and the rapid increase in the number of mobile apps available for download, this is the time for mobile personalization. But what is mobile personalization and why is it becoming more and more important?
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Monetizing apps: 5 strategies to make money from your app

In most cases, the end goal of every app publisher (apart from having fun while building their product) is to monetize their mobile app, right? Monetizing apps is not that easy. It's a challenging step in the business planning process and it requires a lot of thought in order to make sure you choose the monetization strategy that best fits your specific mobile application.
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Mobile Marketing terms useful to grow your marketing knowledge

The expression 'Mobile Marketing' has become an essential part of modern marketer's lexicon. However, great confusion about important mobile marketing terms still exists. Not everyone can clearly define all terms related to mobile marketing and make the difference between mobile marketing terminology and traditional marketing terminology.
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Mobile Commerce: Where is the Money?

Data on mobile commerce performance during 2015, collected from several sources, clearly show a relevant growth in this sector. Therefore, using effective Mobile Marketing strategies to improve users engagement and retention is going to become even more important during 2016. Our last infographic shows that personalized Push Notifications seem to be the best candidate to increase mobile commerce revenue. 
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Mobile conversion rates: definition and best strategies

Data confirm that people are becoming more and more confident and keen to use mobile devices (instead of desktop and laptop ones) not just to search for what they need, but also to finalize their purchases. At this stage, it's crucial for mobile marketers to clearly define what are the specific mobile conversion rates to monitor for each business and what is the best way to increase these rates.

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Backend + App User Engagement: Grow with Netmera and Back&

After Parse shutdown, we've been thinking a lot about the best way to help users have an easy access to both App Engagement and Backend services, and we found it! We are very happy to announce the beginning of a special partnership between Netmera and Back&. This partnership aims to provide you with a complete backend and engagement (push notifications) solution to help you grow your mobile business.

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