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Forbes Magazine listed among the 20 most influential social media opinion leaders determined Glen Gilmore, known for its Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist Opinion Leader identity in the international arena. Glen Gilmore, by Digital Age on May 11 to 12 will be held this year, the 10th Digital Age before his speech at the Summit, one of the most talked about in recent times the "Internet of Things" was evaluated for Hurriyet world.

Internet of Things (Internet of Things, in short IOT), which is connected to the Internet via the sensors, so that a term representing a lot of physical goods and processes to automate information sharing with the web. Internet of Things, business, government and our daily lives is the case represents a force that causes confusion.

The number of interconnected objects, three times the number of people connected

The first time in 2008, which is connected to the internet, the world population has exceeded the number of eşyalar. in 2020 the number of items is estimated to be between 21-34 billion which is connected to the Internet; The forecasts of the global population of 7.7 billion in the same period.

We use "smart" objects we consider, we need to be surprised the number of people who have passed on. Your smartphone also "connected" is considered a device. Debit well, you use the machine also prints your ticket at airports and most likely vending machines "connected" objects. Do you have a sports wristband or a smart watch? There are four things that are around us connect to the internet.

In 1982, the Carnegie Mellon University in the US students first "smart" created the drink vending machines. They use sensors to control the degree and materials. Today, companies operating in different areas, the object can remotely control the product through the Internet, some repairs, refueling and other activities remotely, it can do automatically.

Trillion dollar industry.

When the Internet comes to the object in front of us there is a trillion dollar industry. Our smart home will know when we're going to come home and the temperature can be adjusted accordingly. When supplies are low, the smart fridge we could order our favorite dishes automatically. Our Smart car for us as well as the ways in which traffic routing at least be able to park and where to show we can automatically call emergency assistance in any accident.

Your refrigerator can be hacked

If you have any fear that it is vulnerable to hacking these devices connected to the Internet if you are not unfair. In 2014, "smart" refrigerator hacked appeared and why it is so "smart" that does not have to be to follow the installation guide and were not used predefined passwords.

What about privacy and cyber security?

People, many fear that the connected device; We are very aware that these devices are closely watching our daily lives and share detailed information about it. Our mobile phones, watching our every move.

Our sports wristbands and smart watches Our provides the further deepening of shared information; how much we exercise, even when you are asleep, they even share information about our heartbeat. Everything from the scope of mobile innovation, along with the need to share information, connect to the Internet more than ever to invest in cyber security because we have a lot to lose.

Double-edged sword

"Smart" objects of their impact on employment, we need to consider. To give an example of the transport sector, it is expected to reduce transportation costs by 40 percent of the truck without a driver. This is good news. The bad news is that the loss of so many well-paying job opportunities.

a company that creates business opportunities to rejoice as Uber, the company's largest investors in Google, one of the vehicles without drivers should not forget that it is one of the leading investor. Every moment we can expect that the description of the übern establish a fleet without drivers.

"Internet of Things" We need to expand the scope of the conversation about

We all need to participate in the Internet of Things and chat about how it will affect our lives. A more cohesive world, while facing problems related to unemployment and privacy could lead to more confusion.

"The Internet of Things," "Everything on the Internet is" to be evolving, the need to confront problems and new opportunities. Marketers of how a clock display with consumers need to be learned can already contact. Business owners, based on the real-time flow of information, personalized and seamless experience needs to learn to create. If the government more digital privacy for citizens, security and online access while offering opportunities need to be more transparent and efficient.

More efficient, because it offers an innovative and transparent world "Internet of Things" should not be afraid of the. However, we must all take action in shaping the Internet of objects and to use good.

For example, Google Goggles, considering the device may appear to be funny but a surgery that a surgeon guides the other side of the world will look like in the life of the patient survived. without driver while the vehicle is expected to save millions of lives by reducing the number of accidents on the contrary, are not dangerous. learn how to make marketing using the Internet of objects, it will remain a very small details next to the impact on our daily lives.

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