Business Value Management: Ideation process

Identify and Validate

Put every idea that might add a value to your product under validation before going to implement or development.

If you are managing a new Startup or a company which is intending to introduce a new idea to the market or even a new feature to your existing product, then you are meant by article.
For any idea that would be introduced to the market as a product or a service or may be added to an existing product as a new feature, it should passed to different phases from Identifying it and it's value behind, until verifying the validity of this idea to the prospect market or users.

You can do that by always asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is the new idea or feature aligned with the product strategy? 
Given that you already has a market strategy to your startup or an existing product.
  • What value would be added if we implement it? 
Development or implementation of a startup or products should always be driven by Business Value/s; solving a problem, satisfying a need or it could be filling a gap to your prospect market/users.
  • Are there any other feature that might do the same purpose? 
For an existing and running product, adding new feature should comply with the expectations of current users, so giving an attention towards "what they need or expect" rather than what are you going to introduce to them is more valuable.
  • Can we skip it, or it is mandatory and unique? 
Considering the business value that this feature or another could introduce and in the same time comply with your goals or objectives will give you confidence to remove unwanted features and keep the valuable ones, it is always possible to use one or more techniques to define your scope or backlog to come out with MVP features list ready and ranked.
  • Can we postpone it for later development phases? 
"Maximizing the work that couldn't be done", is an essential principle in modern development management methodologies as well as Agile, by reviewing the priorities of upcoming features every while you could always have the most important ones at the top.

IF you are quite sure with the benefit of adding that idea or feature then go ahead
But remember, you should do that in iteratively every time you have new idea or feature to validate and evaluate that idea by identify, validate, estimate and then develop before you deliver to the market or to customers.It becomes a way of thinking about a product, 'Value' perspective  rather than 'Transnational' perspective of different project phases or milestones required to develop that product.

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